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"Dead Like Me" Star Ellen Muth Heads Next Radio Repertory Company Audio Drama

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Award Winning TV Actress Joins Science Fiction Favorite Claudia Christian




Award Winning TV Actress Joins Science Fiction Favorite Claudia Christian

(Saddle Brook, NJ) – The Radio Repertory Company of America has just completed production on its seventh feature length audio drama starring television star, Ellen Muth. The new show, “Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project,” is the fifth episode in the award winning series, which follows the adventures of futuristic private detective Anne Manx. The program is being released in time for the holiday season and is also scheduled for broadcast on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio early next year.

Muth is best known for her work in the Showtime series, “Dead Like Me,” in which she played the role of Georgia “George” Lass, a teen-aged nonconformist who is killed and then returns as a grim reaper. Muth received an AFI award for her work as Constance in the film, “The Young Girl and the Monsoon.” She also received a best supporting actress award at the 1995 Japanese Film Festival for Dolores Claiborne. On television, she has appeared on “Law and Order” and “Normal, Ohio.”

Muth joins Claudia Christian, who is best known for her role as Susan Ivanova in the syndicated television show, “Babylon 5.” She plays the role of the Empress Blair, an idealistic, underage ruler, who has promised to bring more love to her subjects when she assumes power. Others in the government, however, vow to stop her.

RRCA is a Saddle Brook, NJ based audio production company. It has been writing and producing “audio movies” since 1995. Ellen Muth joins such celebrities as Broadway and screen legend Barbara Harris, Traci Lords, Brinke Stevens, Alexandra Tydings, Katey Sagal, James Leary, Andy Hallett, and Paris Jefferson. Ed Asner and Christine Andreas will star in RRCA’s next audio drama, “The Songbird.”

The Anne Manx series, which began with “Lives of the Cat,” is the company’s most successful work, earning a 2002 Mark Time Gold Award and the 2003 Golden Headset Award. Its newest show, “The Songbird,” which will star Broadway stars Christine Andreas and Barbara Harris, and screen veteran, Ed Asner, is set to begin production in January of 2009.

The movie, “Dead Like Me,” which is based upon the television series, is slated for release in February 2009.

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