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"Anne Manx" Novella Series Adapted to Anthology

The 6-part novella collection, inspired by RRCA's hit "Anne Manx" audio drama series, is hitting the e-shelves in anthology form.


ELMWOOD PARK, NJ (August 4, 2023) - Nearly one year ago, the first "Anne Manx" novella was released. Now, creator and audio writer of the Anne Manx character, Larry Weiner has written six "byte-sized" adventures in total to form

Anne Manx Anthology: Six Original Anne Manx Science Fiction Episodes.

The anthology includes all editions of "The Lives of the Cat" franchise. Anne's latest adventures including, "Anne Manx and the Gift of Gab," "Anne Manx and the Missing Ring," "Anne Manx and the Woman in the Mauve Dress," "Anne Manx and the Librarian," "Anne Manx and the Man from Steel," and "Anne Manx and the Monster." Each piece is novella-length, enabling readers of all capacities to enjoy Weiner's newest feat.

These novellas are not adapted from the audio series but are completely original. Author Larry Weiner explains that "since it takes more than a year to produce an audio adventure, I've decided to give Anne Manx fans more Anne Manx stories they can enjoy while they await the next audio adventure. It's a true transmedia approach to our Lives of the Cat franchise." Therefore, fans can tide themselves over with the novellas while they wait for the next audio drama.

Anne Manx Anthology: Six Original Anne Manx Science Fiction Episodes is on sale for $19.99 on the Barnes & Noble online store. If fans want a sample of Anne's new adventures, followers of the RRCA Twitter "X" account (@radiorepca) can read the first two chapters of "Anne Manx and the Woman in the Mauve Dress" for free now. To stay up to date with Anne Manx’s latest adventures, follow @radiorepca on Instagram and Twitter and leave a like on Facebook!


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RRCA uses large casts with modern "movie-like" music & sound effects to bring you whole new worlds of adventure on the biggest screen of all -- your imagination.

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