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Broadway Actress Heather Botts Stars in RRCA's New Anne Manx Prequel Series

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Actress of Broadway Brings New Sound to RRCA in Her First Science Fiction Comedy



Actress of Broadway Brings New Sound to RRCA in Her First Science Fiction Comedy

(Parsippany, NJ) – What does a Broadway star do when there’s no Broadway? Broadway has been dark for almost a year now due to the coronavirus pandemic, making it difficult for performers to do what they love. However, if you are stage actress, and New Jersey resident, Heather Botts, you grab the opportunity to use your voice for audio drama work. In fact, Botts will be starring as young Anne Manx in the Radio Repertory Company of America’s new prequel series to the existing, award-winning Anne Manx “Lives of Cat” series. The new series is titled “Anne Manx: Beginnings” and is expected to begin production on March 1. RRCA anticipates the new science fiction comedy being available for the public by the fall of 2021 through iTunes as well as the company’s website.

Botts was brought on board because she continues the company’s philosophy of outside-the-box casting. RRCA founder Larry Weiner saw her perform the role of Eliza Doolittle in Broadway’s recent production of “My Fair Lady” and knew her skill could prove valuable to the company’s productions. Weiner has expressed excitement in seeing what she has to bring to the operatic section in the new debuting prequel and hopes to expand the audience of their listeners to Broadway lovers, since no productions are currently running.

Botts became a known Broadway actress with her performance in “My Fair Lady” as the understudy for the main protagonist Eliza Doolittle. In 2016, she played the role of Anna Leonowens in “The King and I,” which was her first national tour. She has also studied at Oklahoma City University under the direction of Professor Florence Birdwell, the same educator who taught Broadway star veterans Kelli O’Hara and Kristin Chenoweth.

In the new series “Anne Manx: Beginnings,” Botts plays the part of young Anne chronicling her adventures as an officer at the Intergalactic Police Academy. The new science fiction fantasy comedy describes Manx’s first days as a young police cadet, which is split between two storylines spread out over the course of six episodes. The first story will be titled “Going Viral,” where Manx travels to another planet experiencing a viral pandemic, which mirrors the current situation in the world. The other storyline will be titled “Fright at the Opera,” but in this plot Manx will have to go undercover as a diva to find out who is killing all the Sopranos.

The Radio Repertory Company of America has been producing original works made directly for audio since 1995. The company is committed to maintaining quality production and movie-like sound through its use of a large cast. RRCA has also won two Mark Time awards and one Golden Headset award for their audio excellence. Even in a time when Broadway is shut down, the company is committed to providing their viewers with exciting stories produced by a talented cast.

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