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Broadway And Film Legend Barbara Harris to Star in Radio Repertory Company of America’s Next Drama

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Actress of Hollywood and Broadway Stars in Her First Science Fiction



Actress of Hollywood and Broadway Stars in Her First Science Fiction

(Saddle Brook, NJ) – The Radio Repertory Company of America has begun production on its sixth feature length audio drama. Broadway and film legend Barbara Harris will be the guest star in RRCA’s fourth Anne Manx story, “Anne Manx of Amazonia.” She will join series star Claudia Christian.

Harris, a Tony winner, four-time Golden Globe and Oscar nominee, has also been credited, along with Elaine May, as one of improvisational comedies founding females, when she was part of Chicago’s famed “Second City” troop. In Amazonia, Ms. Harris will play the roles of Queen Roxanne and both her cloned daughters. In a world where the women rule and then clone their successors, it is up to Anne Manx to defend the cloning machine from the diabolical Jean Richmond, again played by “Babylon 5” star Patricia Tallman.

The performance in Amazonia marks Harris’s first acting role since 1996 when she played John Cusack’s mother in “Grosse Pointe Blank.” Her Broadway career began with a Tony nomination for the 1960’s musical “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.” She reached the top of the Broadway heap with her next performance as star of “The Apple Tree,” for which Harris received a Tony.

Her next career turn took her to Hollywood where she made her screen debut as star opposite Jason Robards in “A Thousand Clowns.” Other starring or featured roles included: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Family Plot,” Robert Altman’s “Nashville,” Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite.” Harris also starred as Jody Foster’s mother in the original “Freaky Friday.” She was also Kathleen Turner’s mother in “When Peggy Sue Got Married.”

The Radio Repertory Company is a Saddle Brook, NJ based audio producer. The company has been producing its own material since 1995. Although its roster of stars includes a number of celebrities, Barbara Harris will be the first non-scifi star to perform.

Unlike audio books, RRCA shows more closely resemble old-time radio dramas. Individual actors portray the parts, leading to a large and diverse cast.

The Anne Manx series, which began with “Lives of the Cat,” is the company’s most successful work to date, earning a 2002 Mark Time Gold Award and the 2003 Golden Headset Award.

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