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RRCA Has Been Leading the Way in Featuring Women as its Stars for Over 25 Years

Audio Drama Producer Continues to Grant Women Lead Roles in the Entertainment Industry



Audio Drama Producer Continues to Grant Women Lead Roles in the Entertainment Industry

(Parsippany, NJ) – While recent years have encouraged female recognition, equal rights, and empowerment, The Radio Repertory Company of America has been casting women in its leading roles ever since the company’s founding in 1995. Striving to provide a diverse cast, founder Larry Weiner has always expressed excitement in seeing what each woman has to bring in their vocal and acting performances. When the company decided to feature accomplished actresses in its audio dramas, the large casts allowed for the company to accomplish its goal in providing quality sounds and movie-like production.

Acclaimed Actresses Join RRCA Some of the many actresses involved in company productions throughout the years include the Academy Award winner Shirley Jones, Broadway’s singing songbird and seven-time Tony Award nominee Kelli O’Hara, Oscar nominee and Tony Award winner Barbara Harris, “Babylon 5” star Claudia Christian, Moira Kelly from Disney’s acclaimed “The Lion King,” and most recently Broadway’s rising star Heather Botts. This ensemble of women have lent their voices and talent to RRCA in their many audio adventures, inspiring RRCA’s female viewers and becoming role models for any women interested in the entertainment industry. Their work can encourage women to be more ambitious and have the courage to break out of their shell to become successful in this industry.

Christian, who plays the character Anne Manx in the futuristic crime-solving series, provides insight on what the experience means to her to play such a strong character like Anne Manx.

“For nearly 30 years RRCA has been creating strong, dynamic female roles, I am grateful to portray one of the best of the best: Anne Manx!"

Equal Opportunities for the Future

Part of creating female representation in media and opportunities for great female characters in storylines is something the founder of RRCA has always focused on throughout his storytelling technique. Throughout the years more lead roles for women have been developed, such as powerful superheroes, clever witches, and intergalactic princesses, proving companies including RRCA are adamant about eliminating the divide between the sexes in this industry. Therefore, this growing art form makes it possible to capture multiple women working together to produce meaningful stories, while highlighting the strength of women in the process.

Botts who was recently seen in Broadway’s “My Fair Lady,” speaks on her involvement as to why the Anne Manx persona is so appealing.

“The Anne Manx character is so unique and spunky to portray as an upcoming actress. Being in this role has pushed my own levels of creativity and allowed me to perform in ways I have never done before.”

Now more than ever, the entertainment industry needs to be reminded of the importance of inclusion, as the media and entertainment have the power to influence the culture of society. Today, people can enrich their lives by venturing into the world of audio dramas. Anyone searching for a powerful performance by women should explore the Radio Repertory Company of America’s productions on their website and stay up to date on current news or announcements at

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